Election Day Re-Cap

Here’s how the initiatives played out at the polls on Tuesday:

Proposition 19: Failed; It was clear early on in the returns that the votes were not there for the initiative to legalize marijuana, matching predictions of recent polls that showed a large drop in support.

Proposition 20: Passed; Voters were on board for expanding the authority of the Citizens Redistricting Commission, which means that the redistricting of congressional districts will now also fall under the commission’s power

Proposition 21: Failed; This initiative was overwhelmingly rejected. If it had passed, then there would have been an $18 annual vehicle license surcharge in order to help fund state parks. Taxpayer groups were opposed to the measure and it was supported/funded primarily by conservation groups.

Proposition 22: Passed; The Save Local Services was strongly supported at the polls. The measure will block the state from taking local government funds used for transportation and local services.

Proposition 23: Failed; Environmental groups secured a victory against the Texan-oil backed measure that would have suspended the state’s landmark greenhouse gas law.

Proposition 24: Failed; Voters were not on board for repealing recent legislation that would have allowed businesses to share tax credits and carry back losses.

Proposition 25: Passed; Now the California Legislature will be able to pass a budget with just a simple majority instead of a two-thirds vote.

Proposition 26: Passed; This measure will change the vote requirement to two-thirds for state levies and charges. As for the local government angle, local levies and charges will also face additional requirements.

Proposition 27: Failed; Voters clearly did not want to shift all redistricting control back to the Legislature, dealing a blow to Southern California Democratic congressional members who had propelled the initiative forward as a counter to Prop 20, which was funded by Charles T. Munger, a Stanford University physicist.

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